Suffering From Travel Sleep Issues? Is it Possible to Handle Lack of Sleep From Travel Naturally?

Travel can be wonderful but it may also leave you tired and listless. For some of us who do or have suffered from travel sleep issues, there are ways to cope. But what causes those sleep issues in the first place? A major culprit is Jet Lag. Most of us have heard about Jet Lag but may have not understood what causes it. In a nutshell, one of the causes of Jet lag is our bodys’ sensitivity to lightness and darkness associated with crossing time zones.

So how do we deal with travel sleep issues? One of the most important healthy travel tips is to keep to your “end of day” routine regardless of what hotel you might be in and what time zone you find yourself. And if you are one of those lucky individuals who can sleep on an airplane or at least wants to try, then use a light filtering mask and grab some sleep.

Another healthy living strategy for dealing with travel sleep issues particularly Jet Lag is to “Sleep Conditioning” to the destination time zone. What do we mean by “Sleep Conditioning?” This is done by sleeping in longer and staying up later a couple of days prior to travel when traveling west and if you find you must travel east, do the opposite and get up earlier and go to bed earlier a few days prior to travel. Remember later and later for West and earlier and earlier for East.

Finally, there are also supplements such as Melatonin and other homeopathic blends that you can purchase over the counter that have been formulated specifically to help address sleep issues. But always remember to check with your doctor before taking anything for sleep issues even if that is an over the counter remedy.


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